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Enemas My Way

I have come to find enemas relaxing and comforting. I have devised my own enema rig using items available on eBay. The bag is a night collection bag

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Enema Remembrances

Now that my wife has written, I want to share my enema stories. I remember getting them from a bulb syringe known as the chick chick ball. I was in

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Shocking But Fantastic First Time Enema Story

Having been on a healthy, high protein diet, I had been successfully losing weight but was becoming concerned at the lack of bowel movement. At one point

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Enemas As a Way of Constipation Relief

When I was younger, I was often constipated and mom gave me frequent enemas. I seemed to have this through my teenage years and got use to giving myself

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My First Enema Was in the Hospital

I was 15 yrs old in the hospital for minor surgery, this was 1965. At the end of visiting hours the nurses would prep for the next day. After the visitors

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My Thoughts on Enemas

I never received enemas as a child. I only heard of them in passing. But, with the internet, so much information is available, I got curious and gave

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Colon Detox - Safe & Natural Body Detoxification Tips

Colon detox can be tricky. Once our natural body detoxification mechanisms are activated you start developing weird symptoms. Read this article to stay safe.

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Relieving Constipation: Find Relief with Cures & Home Remedies

Relieving constipation symptoms is actually quite simple with natural cures and home remedies. You can buy these remedies at your local supermarket and get almost instant relief!

Continue reading "Relieving Constipation: Find Relief with Cures & Home Remedies"

Soluble Fiber And Why It Is Essential For Your Health!

Soluble fiber foods are extremely beneficial for you. It reduces the risk of many of the world's most prevalent diseases. Read this before you visit the supermarket, make wise decisions and enjoy greater health and vitality!

Continue reading "Soluble Fiber And Why It Is Essential For Your Health!"

About the Person Behind Colon Health Advice

Learn more about the mystical person behind the Colon Health Advice website. Who is he? What does he do? Why is he doing this?

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Discover the Amazing Benefits of Healthy Eating and Diet

Are you aware of the health benefits of healthy eating and consuming a proper, nutritious diet? Most people think they are, but really aren't.

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Things I've Learned Doing Enemas

As a 54 year old guy, who started experimenting with enemas on my own as a teen, here's what I have to share. One thing I never knew (until recently) was

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My Enema Experience in Kenya

I had my enema at the Agakhan Hospital Mombasa Kenya last year. It was painful, as I had to repeat the process for about five times and since I had a frequent

Continue reading "My Enema Experience in Kenya"

Share Your Colon Cleanse Stories, Tips, Recipes and Experiences!

Join the community and share your colon cleanse stories, recipes and experiences. We all have experienced something fun and interesting, come in and share your experiences of colon cleansing and becoming healthier!

Continue reading "Share Your Colon Cleanse Stories, Tips, Recipes and Experiences!"

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